Nerd Alert!

01 November, 2022



Over time, we all have to upgrade computer components to meet operating system and application standards. The problem is that we usually purchase higher end components to future proof ourselves. One day, however, we must start again and build a whole new system. What to do with all those amazing, still usable parts from our previous builds? Instead of landfill, why not repurpose into something we could use again?

Storage is one of those things that we can never have enough of but the cost of store bought NAS arrays are quite expensive. Why not repurpose the old obsolete parts to build a NAS on the cheap?

I did exactly that with all the spares and parts that were hanging around gathering dust.


Motherboard, CPU, memory and case: cost $0


Array of 6 hard drives totaling 6TB: cost $0


My time spent building and downloading TrueNAS (open source NAS software) and installing = roughly 2 hours

First time boot and it's pretty fast


Log in and the fun begins!

Smashing Pumpkins

28 October, 2022

October 24, 2022



Smashing Pumpkins with special guest Jane's Addiction. No wait, Jane's Addiction can't make it (sound familiar? Think Scorpions/Whitesnake). We got this news a few hours before the concert and instead, Canadian rockers Our Lady Peace will join the Pumpkins along with Poppy. That makes it two opening bands in a row that I really wanted to see, but I guess aging rockers will get ill more often LOL. Anyhow, we made it back to Scotiabank Arena to catch half of the OLP show before intermission and the band we really wanted to see anyhow.

Again, being an arena show, we found it very loud to accommodate the large venue and some of the songs I didn't know, just sounded like a bunch of noise. The Pumpkins are a band that will take you on a journey of their music and if some is inaudible, then the experience can become stale.

All in all, they put on a really good 2 hour set with old and new favorites, checking all the boxes for songs we wanted to hear (or didn't hear LOL).


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