Impromptu Shoots

14 November, 2022

Sarah and I occasionally do shoots just to keep in practice, both I as photographer, and she as model, makeup artist and stylist. We also do these to keep portfolios fresh and when we have spare time. They are usually quite laid back and relaxed, using our living room white wall, a single light and/or natural window light. There really is no room for us to break out all the lights and props, so they are just really nice fashion orientated shots. It also keeps me sharp with retouching.


4 years ago

10 November, 2022

It was roughly four years that I first worked with Shavalli. It was only her second shoot and she was very shy. It was my job to make her feel comfortable enough to bring out her beauty in the shots that we made. She went on to do many other shoots in the 4 years and from the looks of it, she is quite comfortable in front of the lens now. She contacted me to shoot again, as she had just come back from from a 6 month stay inIndia, making plans for her parents to migrate to Canada. She remembers that great time we had shooting and wanted to do it again, so here we are, 4 years later, having fun again, albeit, in a much smaller and more intimate space.



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