17 May, 2022

Sarah is making new friends and starting to collaborate with other artists in the GTA. This one had her come together with a violinist to do some themed shots in Suafe Studio in Etobicoke. Sammy had coordinated everything from booking Sarah, the studio and MUA. The makeup artist for this was Isha. We had not worked with Isha for nearly 3 years and it was good to connect once again. The stressful part for Sarah was trying to get dresses to coordinate with Sammy's suit colors.



29 April, 2022

Natalie is due any day now and we were supposed to shoot this theme on Sunday, but we both weren't feeling well that day, so we decided together to postpone it to another day in the week. This type of shoot (without any type of fancy styling) is fairly quick to do, so we decided to have her drop by after she had her checkup with her doctor in Whitby. She brought Chase (her boyfriend and the baby's father) to get in on some shots with her. I could tell that being so big, she was really uncomfortable, so we made it very quick, all the while my smart phone kept going off due to still being "at work".



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