New year's Second Shoot

31 January, 2023

And it belongs to my one and only Sarah. I was supposed to shoot another model, but it seems that flakes will be flakes and not much changes year after year. This time I was told an outright lie for the excuse not to shoot, when I know the reason why (double booked). Oh well, not to waste my time, Sarah always jumps in to create with me. We know what to expect from one another and our shoots go really fast and we get great results. We wrapped this one up pretty quickly and sat down for a lovely meal before hitting the sack LOL!


First shoot of 2023

24 January, 2023

Late January and I was supposed to have a few shoots, but as usual, there were flakes that seem to always want to waste my time. Shivalli is not one of those and not only did she want to shoot, she did all the styling and got some inspiration photos, so we would spend our time wisely. There were a lot of wardrobe changes and it was all fashion based. I think I surprised her on what we can create in a tiny little basement and two strobes.


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