Another casual shoot

10 June, 2019

June 7, 2019

Sarah and I decided to do some more casual shoots. Simple wardrobe to show the natural girl at home style. I was hoping to do this one with natural light but the time of day dictated any type of sunshine that would pass through my blinds. It just so happened that it was bright enough for natural light but I had to put a single speedlight outside to get the shadowy blinds look that I wanted. We took about 45 minutes to figure out angles and poses that didn't really look to posed and came out with some photos that I feel look natural.


Age of Aquarius

07 June, 2019

June 2, 2019

This Sunday would have me going into Newcastle to R Farm to photograph a late 60's early 70's inspired theme. My friend Karolina and I have not worked together for 3 years and it was time we connected again. I always loved working with her as she come up some pretty cool creative concepts. She planned everything in this one and I just showed up to shoot. We really wanted to make it look authentic, so I researched what film stocks looked like back then so I apply post processing. Knowing also that cameras didn't have the technology of today, I was not overly concerned with perfection and also opted to put my speedlight directly on camera.


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