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May 28, 2017

Eva is one talented lady. She owns and operates an entertainment company called Medusa Entertainment that supplies dancers and entertainers for venues across the city. We actually met because a lot of the models I have shot actually work for her in some way or form. It was actually a mutual friend that got us in contact with one another. She wanted to do some promotional material for her company and asked if I'd like to shoot it. Hell ya! She is not a model but is a pole instructor and ballet dancer along with multiple other genres plus a fitness spokeswoman, so I knew she was aware of her body movement. On top of all that, she hand made and put together the costumes for the promotional shoot. How cool is that?


Visitor from Alberta

May 27, 2017

Vivian said she was visiting Toronto and wanted to shoot with me during her stay. Of course I'd say yes. I do not pass up any opportunity to shoot fresh faces, especially when those faces are attached to friendly, trustworthy people and I had a generally good feeling about her. When she arrived at the studio, we decided we would make this shoot a little casual and take it outside, so we walked down to the lakefront and casually killed an hour.



My travelling muse

May 26, 2017

Oh when Polina messaged me that she was coming to town again and asked if I liked to shoot with her, you know I had to. I took a day off work to do so as she is a very busy professional and she had a lot of shoots to fit into her schedule on her 4 day stay in Toronto. I was completely honored that I was asked to shoot with her (maybe she thinks my work is good enough) as she has shot with some of the most amazing photographers in North America. We actually had a long day together and had fun while throwing in a photoshoot. I look forward to her return, as she is more of a friend now than ever and I happen to enjoy her company with her sense of humor and positive way of looking at life.



Heading out to the Highway

May 22, 2017


I met Cass, again through Instagram. She is a very pretty tattooed independent model that has a fierce look and attitude. She lives in Mount Albert, which is about an hour drive from Ajax, but she made the drive to come down and shoot with me on this May long weekend. Weather didn't look that good to do the concept I had in mind, so we made arrangements to do another look indoors just in case things didn't work out. I love dark themes and tattoo culture, so we would do the typical sexy girl at home look to showcase her amazing tattoos and the second look (if the weather permitted) was based on a Judas Priest song call "Heading out to the Highway". As you know by now, I am influenced heavily by songs and lyrics and there was some lyrics that made this shoot. Weather every storm that's coming at you.




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