Sarah's weekend - part 2

14 June, 2018

June 10, 2018

Sarah is one of those models that I will always make time for. Not only is she beautiful but she is truly one of the sweetest persons you'd ever want to meet. With her sense of humor and gentle voice, it is enough to make the hardest of people melt. This concept was just some simple plain wall stuff (my kind of speed cause I'm so lazy) that I had in mind for her. No makeup artist or stylist for this one, but again, she is always enthusiastic and works very hard at anything I throw her way, so she did the makeup and hair herself (although hesitantly as she's not either) and we would go through a few frames to expand her portfolio with diversity.


Sarah's weekend

14 June, 2018

June 9, 2018

The last weekend was my birthday so no shoots got done. I'm officially on hiatus but I was committed to shooting concepts prior to announcing my summer retirement. Diane and Talisha would come together and work with Sarah for the first time to produce a truly stunning concept in which Sarah slayed. This would be the first of two shoots I did with Sarah this weekend and I must say it turned out well for a single concept look. We would go back to the studio to do some beauty shots for the makeup artist.


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