16 August, 2018

August 9, 2018

Sarah had a workshop in which she would do two looks and I offered to style her as she was responsible for clothing. It turned out that the workshop had changed and there would be another look instead of one of the themed looks that was put together for her. Since I already picked and chose the outfits and one was not to be used I decided I would shoot her with that dropped outfit. We went out to an industrial area to shoot an urban theme and proceed to go to Frenchman's Bay to finish off the shoot. Both occasions we had to wait in the car until a light rain passed us and in that time we only had a few minutes to shoot before the next rainfall came.


Bohemian Rhapsody meets Rocka Rolla

14 August, 2018

August 5, 2018

So much for hiatus (hehe). Yes I am on hiatus but this particular shoot was planned quite some time ago for Sarah and seeing that I was itching to shoot this weekend, we would come together with Gillian to produce the Boho theme and an impromptu rock and roll theme.


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