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Dein Fleisch

September 16, 2017

That is the title for a Venom Inc. song roughly translated from German means "Your Flesh". It is a song about deep sexual desires that can be gained from coming to the dark side. This sparks my imagination and gets my creative juices flowing to come up with a conceptual shoot that I would work on with Michelle. She is a real trooper for doing this and it is one of the quickest shoots I have ever done even though setup and planning took the most effort.



September 14, 2017

As I was shooting with Patricia, I received a text from Julie. She was in Ajax doing another shoot and wanted to know if I was free to shoot after she was done. I explained that I was shooting also but always love working with her, so why not. She made her way to meet me and we decided we would go back to the Whitby Pier to do some sunset bikini photos. I took my usual gear but had to do this one with all natural light as my beloved Witstro AD360 went for a swim and drowned early in the shoot.


From Oakville

September 14, 2017

Patricia is another contact from IG and we wanted to work together. We had made plans to do something two weeks earlier but could not due to a car malfunction that she had to get fixed. It actually worked out for the better as this week I was on vacation and had a little more time. When I first say her, I couldn't believe how incredibly gorgeous this young lady is but also noticed she is not as tall as I initially thought. It always amazes me to see how a good pair of heels can transform someone. We would go down to Whitby Pier to do some lifestyle editorials in various locations before she made her long drive back to Oakville.



September 10, 2017

What can I say about Angie. Well she is a lot of fun with a very bubbly personality and has one of the cutest smiles. She's a very busy young lady and always on the go. We barely agreed on a time to work together, but we finally did. We went out to Wilmot Creek to this type of closed community (sort of hybrid trailer park/ retirement village) to use the grounds there. Before we did that, we drove around looking for some corn fields to get some shots that represent her as a country girl.


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