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October 8, 2017

Sunday came with a surprise as I was to shoot Shavalli only, but then she showed up with a friend of whom I also follow on IG. Yasmeen and Shavalli would tire the living hell out of me as this duo has a lot of energy, in which I did not, having shot Denise the night before. They would see the closet and go crazy. Again, the popular look for these young women is rock and roll and seeing I have a lot of that wardrobe, we would run with that. I chose safe lighting as I didn't want to be setting up for multiple sets.



October 7, 2017

I met Denise by way of another photographer that had worked with her on a few occasions. She is a new model that wants to start to work with other photographers for experience and diversity. She is truly a sweet soul that is worthy of any one's time. We would meet at the Trafalgar Castle School to use the grounds there, but we got kicked out because it is private property. We could of shot there but needed a $150 permit. No thanks > so we headed over to the Whitby Public Library to finish off our shoot for late evening/ night shooting.


Fall Fashion

October 1, 2017

My sister wanted to try her hand at creative direction again, so she booked studio time, cast a model and hired a makeup artist. She did pretty good to come up with the concept and did the hair for this project. Her chosen model was Michelle and her MUA was Talisha. All of us would come together to create a fall fashion look thats out of this world.


Another long fun day

September 30, 2017

Patricia would make yet another long drive from Oakville to spend some time with me today. We would do 3 sets with different wardrobes and lighting schemes. It actually ended up to being 4 sets because we both have fun working with one another and when you work well together, you put out the shots very quickly.



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